Tool List

All equipment is provided during class by Sand Castle University.

Tool kits are currently NOT avaliable for purchase.

Anything can be used to sculpt, this is a list of tools we recommend.

Sand Sculpting Tools

  • Imagination (make whatever YOU want)
  • Buckets (for hauling water)
  • Plastic Shovel Remember, NO holes! (top layer/fluffy sand is the best)
  • Masonry OR Serving Spatula (found with concrete tools or party supplies)
  • Mellon Baller OR Measuring Spoons
  • Straws
  • Pallet Knife OR Pastry Spatula (found in art/paint or cake decorating supplies)
  • Chip Brush (found in bulk paint aisle)
  • Spray Bottle OR Pump Sprayer (if it sprays water, it works)
  • Bucket/Trash Can made into a Form *see below
  • Lubricant for Forms *see below
  • Patience (sometimes they fall and that’s okay)

**You can use heavy duty scissors (tin snips) or a saws-all to cut bottoms out of buckets. Spray with your choice of lubricant before using.